Screen Printing Awesomeness

History of screen printing goes back to 1st AD in Asia. After it's super boom in art industry around 1960s screen printing has been a great tool for artists and makers. Now it's time to discover the world of screen printing with Bitti Gitti!

Screen Printing Workshop

Starting with a joyful story of screen printing and continue with hands on experience on how to prepare screens to actually printing them on our t-shirt gifts.

Soonest workshop is on 26th May Thursday between 19:00/21:00  at Bitti Gitti

• History of Screen Printing
• Learning about tools
• Building a frame
• Coating with emulsion
• Exposing the screen
• Painting on fabric
•Experiment with colors

What can I do with Screen Printing?

It's one of the best techniques to make your own limited edition art pieces.
You can print on many surfaces like; fabric, cotton, linen, wood, paper and metal
Screen Printed business cards or special day invitations are amazing!
You can design and print your own high quality tshirt and tote bags at home
With little bit of sewing you can even make you own pillows!
With our kits and hands on experience workshops, it has never been this fun and easy to start screen printing!

From the latest Workshops

Bitti Gitti's Screen Printed TShirts

Screen Printing Kits

With our Screen Printing materials it's super neat and easy to start screen printing at home. From ready to use frames to your custom design screens and endless options for high quality fabric paints Bitti Gitti is the place for your next printing project!
From wedding invitations to business cards to your own fashion line. Those Screen Printing kits will take your experience to the next level!