Screen Printing For Children

From high level executives of Fortune 500 companies to students of all ages, more than 5,000 people have used Bitti Gitti products to create with their hands and add joy to their lives. Now, we have adapted one of the world’s most influential printing techniques for the development of kindergarten students.

We proudly present the Bitti Gitti Screen Printing for Children Kit.

As your students print t-shirts, pillowcases and post cards for themselves and their families, they will be learning about color theory and improving their hand coordination skills.

Our Screen Printing for Children Kit is designed to improve children’s self-confidence by getting them to approach their projects from a different angle and experience new techniques.

Screen Printing

First invented in the 3rd century, screen printing is still used throughout the world as the most natural and highest quality printing technique.

The Screen Printing for Children Kit is specially designed for the use of children ages 3 to 6, and is a ready to print solution for your school.

Screen Printed Pillows

Screen printing is perfect to make skin friendly and personalized pillow cases with water based natural inks.

Children can combine different designs, or use the same design with different angles and colors for original and handmade pillows.


%100 cotton based pillow cases are placed on the table. Students choose their colors and spread the inks on the frame with their spatulas.

The inks are transferred with the squeegees with hand, and the print is ready!

Screen Printed Postcards

Textured papers can be transformed into friendly postcards within a few seconds.


Textured paper is placed on the table. Students choose their colors and spread the inks on the frame with their spatulas.

The inks are transferred with the squeegees with hand, and the print is ready!

Students can draw speech balloons around the designs and sketch backgrounds to add a brand new dimension to their prints!

Screen Printed T-Shirts

The highest quality t-shirts in the world are made with screen printing. The natural water based textile inks are embedded deep in the fibers, providing vivid colors and smooth, long lasting designs.

%100 cotton based t-shirts are placed on the table. Students choose their colors and spread the inks on the frame with their spatulas.

The inks are transferred with the squeegees with hand, and the print is ready!

After your prints dry in 5-10 minutes, all you have to do is iron over the designs for 30 seconds which will cure the t-shirts and make them ready to wear for years.

Discovering a Colorful World

Bitti Gitti’s water based textile inks are non-allergenic and all natural. They can be easily mixed to create new colors.

Students can decide which colors they will use before starting, and learn about color theory by trying out new combinations.

Water based inks are also very easy to clean from frames with just water in a matter of seconds. Inks can also be used again when stored in airtight containers.

For the whole family

The biggest advantage screen printing provides is the ability to produce high quality prints with different colors quickly and efficiently.

Your students can bring t-shirts and pillow cases from their homes to create unforgettable gifts to their families and friends.

Multiple uses

Our frames are made to use all throughout the semester, all you have to do is clean them with water after each printing session.

Daily use

As children integrate their prints into their daily lives, their confidence soars and their learning experiences are reinforced.

Social Responsibility

In addition to making their own prints, your students can also print friendly postcards for you to send to schools in other cities. Or you can send them to foundations that you support as a school, teaching your students the value of thinking about greater causes.

Bitti Gitti Series

More than a logo that symbolizes our workshop, Bitti Gitti visually represents a lifestyle of creativity and working with your hands to constantly improve yourself. Our beginner kit has everything your students need to start this journey for the most convenient budget.

2 screen printing frames with Bitti Gitti designs
3 water based textile paints
2 squeegees
10 spatulas
10 %100 cotton children’s t-shirts

Animals series

With special animal illustrations by German Design Award winning Bitti Gitti founder Erbil Sivaslıoğlu, children can experiment with different color combinations and produce high quality, long lasting products while having fun and learning.

In addition to art classes, it’s also suitable for use in foreign language and GEMS based science classes.

9 screen printing frames with Bitti Gitti animal illustrations
6 water based textile paints
9 squeegees
10 spatulas
40 %100 cotton children’s t-shirts

İz Bırakan Etkinlik ve Objeler

“Eller Kirlenir, Zihin Temizlenir” felsefesi ile 2013 yılından beri özgün obje tasarımları ve kurumsal etkinlik konseptleri ile sektöründe lider markaların gelişimlerine destek olmaya devam ediyor.

Her etkinlik ve üretilen obje ile kazandığımız deneyimleri ürünlerimizde geliştirme olarak uygulayarak daimi dönüşüme devam ediyoruz. Tutkumuzun meyvesi olarak kurumsal etkinliklerin dışında ürünlerimiz tasarım dünyasının önde gelen ödüllerini kazanıp, dünyanın pek çok noktasında seçkin tasarım mağazalarında satışa sunulmaktadır.

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